How Do I Share My Faith?

I find that one of the most difficult situations to be in for the believer is wanting to know how to share your faith? Earlier on in my walk I would try to find situations where the Lord would allow me to share my faith with people. Or let’s just say I looked for those situations and prayed that He would grace me along the way.

I would go out with a friend and try to evangelize to people (the wrong way because there is a right and a wrong way). I would ask them did they know where they were going when they died and if they knew they would go to hell if they did not accept Christ. It was crazy. I don’t think I offered them prayer or anything. Let’s just say I was known as the crazy Christian while I was at that school. The point was while my intentions were good I still did not have God’s okay on this situation.

Recently I have been in situations with people on Facebook and at work where it just seemed like the conversation on my faith seemed to just come up out of nowhere. I was sharing with a coworker what I desired to do after I graduate and I shared my desire of starting my own business to fund a ministry I wanted to start. I also was able to share with her how I would be attending my first missions trip this coming May. She asked a few questions and explained how she did not agree with a lot of things in Christianity, but I just challenged her to do her research on the things that she did not understand. She was very receptive to everything that I had to say. While I cannot say whether she will or not do the research I realize that a seed had been planted.

How to share your faith?

Ask God to open the door for situations to share your faith – I used to ask God all the time for different situations where I could share my faith. I believe that there is a reason I am the only Bible college student from this school that works at this job in the secular world. I believe that is to be a light in a dark place. There have actually been a few people who also are desiring to come to church here with me and I’m going to keep praying that happens very soon! Let me tell you is does not always require that you go out onto the streets to share your faith by evangelizing. Some of the people that we need to evangelize are the people who are around us every day. You can simply share your faith in small conversation. I can say I have probably shared it more in conversation than I do when I go on outreaches.

Trust God to guide your conversation – When I share with people it really is never intentional. One second we might just be talking and the next thing I know I am basically sharing my whole testimony of how I got to my school and what God has done in my life since coming here. I even had the chance to tell one of my guests (I’m a waitress) about my school because her son wanted to go to school to study to be a preacher. I can honestly tell you I’m not sure how that conversation even came about. I used to be very fearful about sharing my faith and had to learn to trust God’s guiding in it.


Study your Word – One of the biggest things I could say is study your Word. If you also want to be less fearful, know what you are talking about. Hide His Word in your heart. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your Word in my heart so that I might not sin against you.” That was one of my biggest fears, that I would not properly share my faith because I did not know what I was talking about. 2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” It becomes easier to share when you know what you are saying and this is not to study to show yourself approved by man, but by God. You will be able to effectively share the truth of God’s Word when you study it.

It’s Up to God to Save Them, Not You – Okay so I felt the need to really point this out because a lot of people feel that if they have not made this noticeable change in that moment and the person they were talking to did not accept Christ in that very second then it must mean that they never will. This is not true at all. Sometimes you have to understand that what you did was sow a seed into someone’s life. It may not even be up to you to water that seed to be sure it grows, but you truly have to trust God and PRAY for that person. You can do that separate from them in your own quiet time with God. You cannot shove the Word of God, Jesus, and Christianity down someone’s throat. You did not die on the cross to save anyone, Jesus did. I really just want to encourage you to just continue to pray for that person if you really desire to see them saved.

I also want to encourage you that this is not a step by step formula by any means, but simply things to keep in mind to aid you in learning how to share your faith. God was kicking me this morning about not writing this last night, but I pray that you really got something out of this. Love you much!!!

Stay Beautiful,





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