Missionary Dating

This is a particular topic that is very near and dear to my heart. If you don’t know I am currently single and pursuing the things of God. Everything I write does not mean I am an expert. It is simply my heart to share my own experiences and for other people to learn from them.

Back in 2013 I was in this one relationship I was dating this guy and to be quite honest til this day I am not even sure if he actually does believe in God. We were in a long distance relationship at the time and we had met back in 2003 when we were in middle school. I had a crush on him and thought he was so cute, but that is part of my testimony and I will save that story for my book that I will soon start writing. Anyway….We started dating and he knew I danced at church and liked going to church and did want to follow the few things I knew in the Bible (I was still growing y’all), but he expressed to me many times that he just was not in to church. I would even ask my former Pastor for advice on talking to him and how to encourage him on going to church. I really wish he had encouraged me to not continue in that relationship, but I was so stubborn I don’t believe I would have listened.

Eventually I came to the revelation that nothing would come of it and all I could do was keep him in prayer, and finally I broke off the relationship due to him not desiring God or the same things I wanted. Not only that but he was not drawing me closer to the Lord, but pulling me away. I wanted to so badly be with him that I began to put off the things I knew not to do in order to maintain a relationship with him. Let me share this key factor with everyone. It is not your job or your responsibility to change anyone. We cannot go into a relationship thinking we can change someone. Stop trying to do God’s job when all He really needs from you is for you to pray for that personI truly cannot explain how much I desire for those of you who read this to understand my heart. I know it may sound harsh, but this is really where I was in life. I was in a place where I wished someone would explain all this to me and it really could have spared me a lot of pain over the course of the next few years of my life. We are not to take the place of God in a relationship and we cannot save someone. That was Christ’s job. All you can do is simply pray for that person. I would encourage you to be a friend if you can handle it because we must learn how to truly guard our hearts, but if not prayer is always best. I hope you all have really heard my heart in this and that you would continue walking forward in your walk with Christ and not let anything distract you from the call God has on your life. Let’s get into this mentality of RELENTLESS PURSUIT!

Love you all so much!

xoxo ebony

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