First Missions Trip: GO ABACO – Pt. 1

I want to start off in saying how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity that was provided by my college. I also have yet to mention that I graduated this May with an Associate of Applied Sciences in Pastoral Leadership, however I am staying another year and am enrolled in the Organizational Management program (Glory to God). But I just wanted to take the time to share about my first experience on a missions trip and my first time outside of the United States.

I just want to start off by encouraging you that if you have yet to experience a missions trip, it is something you should do at least once in your life. Serving on a missions trip is something that will completely change your mindset, your perception, and your heart.

Mark 16:15
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Back in November 2015 our school approached us with the opportunity to sign up for this trip, now let me say that every meeting that was held for this trip I somehow always missed, especially the information and sign up meeting. But the Pastor who was over the event was so gracious to allow me to still sign up. There were limited seats available and I was over the limit already, but it was a first come first serve basis so there was still time.

I received my support letters that I was to hand out, but it really seemed that there were not many people who would be willing to give. I had even started a GoFundMe page where I only received about 40 dollars to a 1,300 dollar need. I had also considered just giving the few people that gave their money back because I had only reached about 50 dollars between November and February when the first 300 dollars was due. So I did all that I could do and I stepped out on faith…

I had just started working my current job serving in a restaurant and I took 300 dollars of what I had made and put that toward my deposit. In that moment I had to sow a seed into what I really desired with my whole heart and I truly believe that this was the moment I had to show God that this was something I was truly serious about. A few weeks later I filed my taxes and I got the biggest return I have ever received. In 2016 I did not work much. I worked here and there at my church from June to November and when I went home for my summer break I worked my former job for about a month. I have worked more hours at other jobs years prior to coming to Valor. Somehow I received over 1,000 dollars back for my tax refund. I held on to this money until the last minute to pay off my trip to see how much more I could raise for my trip. It actually was not until I paid off the rest of my trip that God showed me that is what the money was for all along. He gave me back what I had sown before I realized that’s what it was. I am grateful that I was obedient in that moment. Had I not been I may have not gone on the missions trip that changed my life forever. Until next time….


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