2 Years Later…

First off I just want to thank you for visiting my newly updated website. This page has been a long time coming and it is a vision that I am grateful to see come to pass. Now you may be wondering why I named this post “2 Years Later.” Well today is the anniversary of the day that I rededicated my life to the Lord. Now I won’t say that I have not gotten lost a few times on this journey, but September 20th 2015 I completely rededicated my life to God’s purpose for my life.

I remember going out to the club with my girlfriends the night before and I wanted to make some guy I was working with mad all because he randomly stopped talking to me. Man I was a mess. The next day I had a meeting at work where I had to see this guy again and my job had decided to hold this meeting at 10am, right when service started. At that point I was not highly committed to attending church. I would go to work Sunday mornings and never try to ask for Sunday off. I had completely stopped attending church for the most part, but I decided that I was going to go that particular morning. One of the young ladies I was working with was going to invite me to her church since her service started later than mine. I really was about to take her up on her offer, but for some reason I had changed my mind. That morning I ended up attending my church and recognizing that for 3 years prior I was trying to do everything on my own. I realized that day I had a need for God that I could no longer suppress. I grew up in Christian school most of my life and I had left everything I knew to be true to the wayside. I surrendered to God that morning and left everything at the altar. I remember my Pastor saying to me that everything I had learned about the Word and the scriptures was about to make sense to me not only in my mind but in my heart as well.

From that day I on I have been committed to what God has called me to. About two months later I had made the decision to attend Valor Christian College under the direction of Dr. Rod Parsley studying Pastoral Leadership. It’s been two years later and on September 20th of 2016 I received my permit from the state of North Carolina to run my business as Embrace Yourself, Beautiful You and I started this site as a blog. I thought it to be only proper to revamp my website on today September 20th 2017 under my name Ebony D Harper. This site has taken me outside of my comfort zone more times than one and I am grateful to have the opportunity to just share my life, my dreams, my visions, and my lessons with you. Thank you so much and be sure to subscribe for updates. I am beyond grateful to have you reading this and I would also love to hear if anything I have shared has helped you. I’m not the perfect Christian. I am learning to walk this walk out right alongside of you. If the trials that I have been through can shed light on someone else’s life I would gladly go through them again just so someone else can see Christ. Thank you all again and Stay Beautiful!


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