Keys of Obedience

So here at school I help lead worship for the elementary school. It is one of the most amazing experiences and one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I get to see these kids grow and mature in the things of God. I have to opportunity to see God move in their lives in crazy unexpected ways. I have to choose songs for the worship team and often God will give me what to say during exhortation so the kids can understand what is happening. It’s the place where I know God uses me the most right now and it is vital that I am able to hear His heart for the kids. I truly want to see them encounter God and to witness them experience breakthrough in their own personal lives. Helping take over kids chapel was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. Sometimes I don’t know where I am going with a song until the day of. Some way, some how, God ALWAYS works it out. My obedience and willingness to obey God can be the key to their miracle or they key to their breakthrough and if I don’t have these kids on my heart when I pray and I do not seek God through the week. I cannot function or minister the same. The anointing would not flow or I would be consumed with doubt, nervousness, or anxiety. The young lady who was leading before me really sought God and it just allowed God to really move in those chapels. I thought I had to do it how she did it, but I realized I needed to find me and who I was in Christ. It wasn’t until then I would truly be able to lead this group and aid in the presence of God flowing in that atmosphere. It’s something great about your obedience being the key that unlocks doors for someone else. You get to be part of that experience. And I am grateful I get to be part of not only their experience, but their encounter.

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