Pinky Promise Conference 2018 Recap: Heather’s Sermon Blind Faith

Well, well, well! I am back home again from one of my travels of this summer. If you haven’t guess where I was yet; I will give you a hint:

You guessed it!!! The 6th Annual Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta, GA. Man God really and truly met me in that place. Before I continue with this post a quick testimony:

Back in March I was struggling financially, between just getting my car, making payments, and even figuring out if I had enough gas for the week life had gotten really real. So this one particular Thursday the ladies I was supposed to be rooming with were all chatting in our group chat. I thought it was annoying at first because I was at chapel and my phone kept going off. Eventually I just felt led to ask them to pray for me about finances. While I had already paid for the room for the conference I had not yet paid for my ticket! Talk about being backwards… but I ended up letting them know what was going on and they prayed with me. Suddenly one of the girls told me her friend was giving away a ticket and I could get it from her for free! I started crying right then and there. God was so faithful and looking back I see that He truly desired for me to receive what I received at the conference this year.

Okay, now the topic of Heather’s sermon was Blind Faith. You may say we talked about this the last time I wrote which we did, but hearing Heather’s sermon (which wrecked my life btw) encouraged me to expound upon not only this topic but this area of my life.

I haven’t been truly faithful to God with my life. When I first went away to school I wanted to have the same level of faith that one of my favorite female preachers, Dr. Medina Pullings had. Now, I just thought back then that you had faith and that was that. Not so. Faith is like a muscle. You constantly have to be working out that area, stretching it, and making sure it is reaching its fullest potential. Now God showed me after Heather spoke that all the times He wanted to stretch my faith, I wouldn’t let Him. Faith is not only about believing in God for the impossible, but its also about taking steps into unknown territory. I was prompted to read Hebrews 11:3-35 where the scripture speaks about how different men and women in the scripture walked by faith. Each time they walked by faith, they did not know the exact course that they were going or where it would lead them. One thing they did know was their Heavenly Father’s voice. Heather went into a detailed sermon and showed us an example of what it looked like to walk by Blind Faith. She used the illustration of a woman who was blindfolded and gave this woman directions on how many steps she needed to take. She explained that the more steps of faith we take, the more we trust God and recognize His voice.

Now I said I was unfaithful. I always forsook spending time with the Lord. It wasn’t until this conference that I realized the reason it was hard for me to get clear direction from God at times was because I did not spend enough time talking to Him, praying, and diligently seeking Him (Hebrews 11:6). The word diligently is defined as: in a way that shows care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties. I haven’t showed God the attention that I should have been giving Him all throughout Bible college. He got me through it and I graduated twice and even though I graduated it does not mean I didn’t have more to learn.

During my quiet time today there were a few things God showed me that I want to share with you. My purpose of blogging is to share what God shows me and teaches me so that you can have the information at your fingertips:

  • When you step out on faith, you will walk into unknown territory. You walk out into the unknown, but with an expectation that God will see you through.
  • Stepping out on faith will always be an unknown place. Faith says you will not see the other side, but yet I will still trust you.
  • Faith has instructions along the way, but without that trust we will never be able to to function in it.
  • Faith requires continuous acts of obedience.
  • With faith you have to be okay knowing you may never receive the full potential of your promise in your lifetime (much like Abraham).
  • When you step out on faith, not only is God walking with you, but He also goes before you.

My favorite point that Heather made was that it cost Abram to become Abraham. I’m walking in a new fullness of what I want to see God do in my life and also a new zeal. When you spend time in His presence there is no way you can leave it being the same as when you went into it. God is just so faithful and amazing. I pray you enjoy the journey God wants to take you through during this season of your life. Although you may not understand what God is doing right now, rest assured that your right now is going into your next season. Keep spending time with Him and keep seeking Him. You will definitely see what this season was for as long as you keep following God, keep walking in obedience, and keep listening for His voice and following instructions.

“Your faith today is setting you up to accomplish the will of God for tomorrow.” – Heather Lindsey
Love you much and stay faithful!!!




Tomorrow I’m heading to Baltimore to see my brother graduate middle school! He grew up too fast.


Pictures from the Conference:

Me and Beauty Vlogger @lovemichelleanna

Me and Juliette Bush

Finally got to see Sarah Jakes Roberts in person

Heather and Sarah

Ran into Ezekiel Perry as he was about to go to his hotel room.

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